Survival preparedness is realizing that something serious could happen and then taking steps to prepare for that event. The first step in being able to improve your safety and comfort in a survival situation is to develop a plan and gather the essential supplies in advance. The key to survival planning is to consider what your immediate needs will be following a disaster event. These needs will include the basics of food, water and shelter for the period of time until alternative arrangements are available. In the time following the event, you may be on your own before help arrives so having the essential supplies for that period is very important.

Survival situations extend beyond just being prepared at home. A survival event such as an earthquake, tornado, explosion, terrorist act, or armed intruder can occur in the workplace, recreation areas, shopping centers, schools, and anyplace that people gather in crowds.

LifeKit is an industry leader in survival preparedness. LifeKit offer a wide variety of survival kits including earthquake emergency kits, hurricane preparedness kits, tornado preparedness kits, and many more.

Part of survival preparedness includes planning for events taking place away from home. Careful consideration needs to be given to preparing these places for employees, customers, and the public as well as for the individual. Offices, especially high-rise office buildings need to consider the needs of their occupants in the event of a fire, explosion as well as other events. What will these people need to safely exit the building? Schools need to consider the needs of their students in the event of a lock-down, due to an intruder on campus or other event. If locked in a classroom, how will students get water, food, access bathroom facilities?

At LifeKit we have prepared a number of survival kits for the various situations. These kits are designed to help you to be prepared for your safety and comfort in that critical time. Our survival kits contain many of the items that will be helpful in surviving those critical hours until help becomes available. Whether your primary concern is hurricane preparedness, earthquake emergencies, tornado preparedness, or survival situations, trust your survival preparedness to LifeKit.

Being prepared and understanding what to do can reduce fear, anxiety and losses that accompany disasters. Having an appropriate kit of supplies in a convenient for use package can improve your ability to survive in an emergency and provide peace of mind in knowing that you are prepared.

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