LifeKit has developed a unique line of kits for a variety of emergency situations. These Emergency Preparedness kits are appropriate for use by EMT and emergency professionals as well as anyone that might be in a "first responder", trauma, rescue, and other injury situation. These kits include emergency supplies including triage and rapid treatment essential items for dealing with burns, fractures, accidents, medical conditions, as well as the simple cuts, abrasions and sprains.

Emergency preparedness kits assist seriously injured workers until an ambulance arrives or while being transported to emergency care, and are an indispensable part of a total preparedness plan. These emergency supplies will help minimize the consequence of any emergency situation.

Whether your workplace, school, organization or professional duties has responsibilities for a dozen people or several thousand, our Emergency Preparedness Kit contain the critical care items that are needed to provide stabilization until additional help can arrive. These kits can be sized to support the individual or for 50, 100, 500 or even 1000 people.

Many states require that all facilities that have 50 or more people have emergency supplies for 72 hours. LifeKit has developed a 72 hour emergency kit that is both functional and affordable. Organizations around the country use our 72 hour emergency kit to guarantee compliance with state regulations.

In addition to industrial use, LifeKit has made these unique kits to be ideal for home emergency use as well. Having a home emergency kit can be the first step in saving a loved ones life in a critical situation.

Our Emergency Preparedness kits are equipped with items to provide quick response and first aid care in emergency situations for major and minor injuries.

Each kit is designed for fast access to a wide variety of first aid and emergency care supplies and is designed to provide the most common supplies for each situation. These easy-to-use and complete kits make it easy and convenient to bring critical first aid and emergency supplies to an injured individual or group.
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