Custom Kits

LifeKit can provide a variety of custom kits that are designed to meet your specific need. We can help you assess your situation and recommend a kit that fits your specific need. Our custom kits can include more than a traditional first aid kit. They can contain the items that are most appropriate for the specific type of emergency or disaster, or injury situation that could be a threat.

Examples of custom kits include office escape kits, school lock-down kits, corporate reward programs, workplace emergency, auto/truck, boating, camping, and many other types of kits. Our custom kits encourage the combination of traditional first aid supplies with survival items as well as convenience items to create a kit that truly provides peace of mind by being prepared.

An example of a creative custom kit might be a high-rise office escape kit for each individual to be kept at their desk. In the event of a catastrophic event such as a fire, explosion, gas leak or other significant event, it may become necessary for workers to evacuate a tall office building in less than desirable conditions. Experience from previous situations indicates that the conditions may have limited lighting, smoke, individual injuries and people may not be able to exit without assistance. An appropriate kit might contain a small flashlight, gauze mask, gloves, whistle, eye wash, small first aid kit, water pouch, wet-naps, and other items all contained in a bright red fanny pack.

We can create a custom kit to meet your individual situation. From designing a kit for individual use through survival or emergency supplies for a large group, we can create a unique solution that provides the preparedness that you need.

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