About Us

LifeKit, a division of LifeSafe Services, is a market leader in providing innovative and effective disaster preparedness and emergency products to businesses, individuals, schools, and government agencies. Through our parent company, LifeSafe Services, we have provided emergency oxygen services to corporate customers for nearly 40 years and our 17 years of experience in providing Emergency Kits, including first aid kits, has allowed us to perfect our products and services to a level that distinguishes LifeKit from our competitors.

Lifekit has the ability to create and deliver to you a custom kit designed to meet your specific needs. From Emergency outdoor kits to sports first aid kits and everything in between, LifeKit has the disaster preparedness and emergency products that will fit your needs.

Many states now have requirements that require more aggressive emergency preparation than was typical even a few years ago. For example, The State of California (Assembly Bill 2786) requires that all facilities that have 50 or more people have emergency supplies for 72 hours. This mandate, along with other similar regulations have resulted in increasing awareness of the need to be prepared for a variety of emergency and other critical situations.

LifeKit has developed an impressive client base by serving the needs of individuals, schools, government agencies, and companies. More than 5,000 customers that include many of the largest organizations in the world turn to LifeKit for help with emergency preparedness. LifeKit's success has been driven by our attention to working with each customer to ensure that each solution meets the customer's needs regardless of how big or small the issue.

A major portion of LifeKit's business comes from the customers that visit our web site. We have tried to make it as user-friendly as possible with secure online ordering. In addition, if you do not see something that you need, send us an email and we will do everything we can to locate it or custom build it for you.

Thank you for your interest in LifeKit and LifeSafe services. We look forward to helping you fulfill all of your emergency product needs.
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